Oooh! What have I done? What happened after 7 days???
I like Chinese language, but I have not enough money to keep my contacts on after those 7-FREE days???
Posted by Bond November 24, 2011
Lisa_eChineseOnline Support says
Hey Bond, 
Glad to hear from you.
If your free-trial period ends and you haven’t started with a new membership, your account will automatically expire. I hope you’ve enjoyed the service so far and you can always restart your membership whenever it’s convenient for you. If you’d like, you could choose a month-to-month membership at US$9.99/month, or one of various other plans based on your own conditions. I’ll be glad to answer any other inquiries you might have. 
November 24, 2011 Reply
Bond in reply to Lisa_eChineseOnline Support
Wow! Thgat is not so much. Can I take it month by month or had I take it year pedr year or more? ( Mu name is Bond James Bond. Nice to meet You. )
November 24, 2011 Reply
Lisa_eChineseOnline Support in reply to Bond
Hi Bond,
Happy to hear from you again!
There are six membership plans that you can choose from. The way you pay for the membership is based on the membership plan you have chosen. If you choose a Month-to-Month Membership, the membership fee (US$9.99) will be charged to your account on a monthly basis. The longer the membership is, the cheaper the membership fee is per month. For example, if you choose a 4-Year Membership plan, you will only be charged US$5.99 every month. If you are interested in learning more about our membership plan and the fee, please follow the following link:

Looking forward to hearing from you~
November 24, 2011 Reply
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