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Hi I'm very persistent in learning Chinese, but I'm very confused between whether I should learn Cantonese or Mandarin. I plan on staying in China and I would like to know which language is mostly used? I've been watching many Chinese films but they seem to be in Cantonese. Is it easy to understand both If I learn one?
Posted by budaki56 February 24, 2012
Tags:   Culture
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) says
   Hi! Cantonese is only a dialect of Chinese language, and it is mainly spoken in Guang Dong province, Guang Xi province, Macao and Hong Kong.
   Mandarin is the most commonly used language in China, and most Chinese can speak Mandarin. If your planning on a trip or long term stay in China, I’d advise you learn Mandarin first. 
   There are plenty of great movies in Mandarin, such as The Flowers Of War. Normal spoken speed isn’t initially easy for a non-native speaker, but with a good foundation in the language, movies can be very helpful to develop your ear.
  Stay persistent and I’m sure you’ll be speaking in no time. :)
February 24, 2012 Reply
budaki56 in reply to Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher)
thank you so much :D

February 25, 2012 Reply
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