Where do I start?

If you are interested in learning Chinese step by step, first choose the appropriate level and module. Then try some lessons (Watch) or exercises
(Practice) to see if they fit your actual level. If adjustment is needed, please change level or module accordingly. Otherwise, please follow the order of lessons in a module and then move up to the next module or level.
If you are interested in a particular area of study, please make a selection in the drop-down menu in either the Watch or Practice section.

How does your system work?

We break down Chinese language into different digestible knowledge points (themes, grammar, vocabulary, culture, etc.), and each knowledge point is the sole focus of a particular video lesson. We keep each lesson 2-3 minutes and very focused. We have periodic "Flash Back" lessons and exercises that integrate all the knowledge points in a previous series of lessons. Our learning system is flexible enough for both learners who want to learn Chinese systematically (based on successive levels and modules) and those who are only interested in particular areas of study.
Another significant strength of our learning system is abundant interactive exercises in forms of videos, audios, and texts. Each knowledge point has a set of exercises to complete, and a scoring system to evaluate whether the learner has mastered the knowledge point.
The video lessons and interactive exercises are also supplemented by teachers' support (Wen Bar), personalized study center (e.g., "My Progress"), community, etc.

Where do I find lessons related to a particular topic, e.g., tones?

There are various ways to find a particular topic. One way is to choose "show lessons by channel" from the drop-down list in the "Watch" section.
To get your tones and pinyin right, take a look at the "Tone It Up" Channel.
To study real-life scenarios, select "Day Day Up" Channel.
For grammar, select "Crazy Grammar" Channel.
For vocabulary, select "Big Bang Vocab" Channel.
Got a particular question? Take a look at the "Wen Bar" Channel.
Need a review? Select "Flash Back" Channel.

How do I sign up for free?

What do you mean by "modules?"

To utilize our learning system, a student progresses from the Newbie to the Proficient level. In each level, a student progresses through different modules (from low to high). These modules help students navigate the learning system, gradually moving them up to the next module. Level of difficulty and frequency are two of the factors we consider when designing modules.

What is "Wen Bar?"

If you have a particular question, ask our professional Chinese teacher in "Wen Bar". In addition to written reply, we may answer the question by shooting a video lesson. Lessons of this type are listed in "Wen Bar" channel.

What is "Me?"

"Me" is your personalized Mandarin center.
"My progress" tracks your learning records, including lessons watched, exercises completed (or started but not completed), performance assessment (based on your exercise results), etc.
You can add/delete/create words, sentences, grammar, pinyin, and notes in "My resources" section when you browse study materials.

What is a "Knowledge Point?"

A knowledge point relates to a particular theme, a grammar point, a particular set of vocabulary, a specific cultural perspective, etc.
Each lesson usually focuses on only ONE knowledge point and each knowledge point has a dedicated set of exercises.

How do I start a membership with Dongyu?

Simply sign up for fee and your membership with Dongyu will start right away.

Is there a limit to the number of times that I can watch the same videos?

No. As long as you have an active membership, you can watch as often and as many times as you like.

What time zone is your system based?

We are using Beijing Time (UTC/GMT +8 hours) in our system.