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How do I get started?

All video lessons, exercises, lesson texts and audios on this website are FREE, and you can access all of them WITHOUT signing up.

How do you teach Mandarin Chinese?

Please take a look at "Teaching Method" section.

How does your learning system work?

Our learning system consists of video lessons and interactive exercises. We particularly emphasize the interactive exercises, which play an integral part of the learning process.
If you would like to take a systematic approach to Mandarin learning:
We offer progressive lessons and exercises based on different levels and various modules within each level. Take a look at our lessons and exercises and get a feel of where you are at (level/module). Feel free to start with a particular level/module and then adjust as you progress.
If you are interested in a particular subject or have a special need:
If you are interested in learning Chinese based on real-life scenarios, you can take a look at Day Day Up Channel.
If you are interested in various grammar points, take a look at our Crazy Grammar Channel.
If you intend to expand your Chinese vocabulary, you can take a look at Big Bang Vocab Channel.
If you want to get your tones right, take a look at the Tone It Up Channel.
If you have a particular question, ask our professional teachers in our Wen Bar Channel.

I am new to learning Chinese language. Where do I start?

Start with Newbie Module 1 if you are a total beginner.

I have learned Chinese before. How can I take advantage of your learning system?

Browse our video lessons, do our FREE exercises and see how those match your levels. We are constantly adding new video lessons and exercises. If you have any suggestions, send us a Note.

What is Mandarin Chinese?

Mandarin refers to Standard Chinese, and is also called Putonghua or Hanyu. Syllables could consist of an initial consonant, a vowel, a final, and a tone. There are four tones in the Pinyin system in Mandarin. The Chinese grammar is relatively simple compared to some other languages (most words have only one grammatical form). If you learn about the most frequently used 1,000 Chinese characters, you can cover 90% of the usage.

Interested in trying 1-to-1 live lessons?

Yes! On top of the fun and useful video lessons, we also provide 1-to-1 live Chinese lessons. The lessons will be conducted via Skype (or other IM tools) by our professional teachers from China. All the lessons will be customized based on your level and specific needs. We offer a free trial lesson to every first-time user. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in taking a trial lesson.

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Get more information about our Chinese lessons through live chat
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