Video Lesson: Beijing has a population of twenty million!  (Elementary, Module 2)

When you are buying a house, a car, or some precious jewelry for your girlfriend, don’t just worry about the money, you haven’t known how to express that large amount yet.
Peter F. says
Hi Ellie
Wŏ de xiāng cūn zai ruìshì yŏu wǔ bǎi rén hé yì qiān nǎiniú
February 16, 2016 Reply
Ellie@eChineseLearning in reply to Peter F.
Ruìshì shì yí gè měilì de guó jiā. Wǒ xīwàng wǒ néng qù nàlǐ lǚ xíng, nǐ yuànyì dāng wǒ de dǎoyóu ma? :)
February 16, 2016 Reply
Taibangle says
大家好 Team Dongyu Offical  Dàjiā hǎo
Ni3 hai2 hao3 ma? 
Wo3 mei2 shir4 :) Our show is in a few schedule crazy. I think I am sleep walking from so much work ! :)
 Nǐ xǐhuan hē júhuāchá vs my "  Nǐ xǐhuan hē jú huā ?" It's always appreciated your input and corrections.You have brought me so far. 
您的问题 Nín de wèntí..Do you know some other words of this kind? I am not sure Ellie
Numbers are a fascinating topic one we encounter in everyday like so often. you mean
Words like..Shi2 ji3 / 10 something or maybe san1 shi2 ji3 which means 30 something and then there is wu3 shi2 ji3 50 something. I am not sure if your previous video's covered this angle on  numbers.
When we talk about bigger numbers like ji3 bai3, ji3 qian1 and ji3 wan4 she2 me de (etc) they can express quantities like :
One hundred up to nine hundred, one thousand up to nine thousand and finally ten thousand up to ninety thousand "which is the number of mistakes I have made learning to post here ! :) " Wow, yes I guess I remember something along these lines, It is this you had in mind?
Ni3 jue2 de ne?
We could talk about ' zuo you4 and shang4 xia4 as well...jiu3 shi2 zou3 you4 around 90 or ling3bai3 zuo3 you4 around 200 which is the number of times I smile thinking about your video's throughout the day.
We have to mention here " wu3shi2 shang4 xia4 about 50 
Chinese express quantities really cool ...let me see, huh
di4 yi1 first , di4 er4 second (right no liang ) after that it gets tricky for me..If I heard " qi1 qi1 ba1 ba1 I would probably think it meant 7 7 8 8 but No ! I am wrong as usual it could mean " almost complete " right? Marks previous video on percentages was great...remember I learned about percentages " ba1 cheng2 80 percent and for shopping we need to know about ba1 zhe2 20 percent discount on that lovely necklace you wanted to  buy in the video, if you pay cash , right !  
Wo3 men ne? How about us? You have taught me many many things . This site is so cool, filled, with so many things to learn , study and see ! If your a student you want to " yi2 zai4 " come here again and again and again ! or should I have said, "  zai4 san1 repeatedly !
In reading some of the post I can see... all your students, ' dou1 hui4 "know how to do" anything with numbers. They are so good.
Please kindly point out anything not correct
January 11, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Taibangle
Thanks for sharing with us taibangle1! You have learned so much about numbers in Chinese!  We also say an idiot "一而再再而三" "Yī ér zài zài ér sān." to mean doing something over and over again. You see in the lesson we mentioned words with 万wàn inside to show something with large but unspecific numbers. Do you know other words of this kind, like 万岁 or 万人迷?
January 14, 2013 Reply
Taibangle says
Wǎnshàng hǎo Elie lǎoshī
Jin1tian1 guo4 de zen3meyang4?
Dàjiā hǎo Team Dongyu Offical , Nǐ hǎo !
Ellie..ni3 de jia1ren2 zen3meyang4?
Chi1 le ma?...:)
Nǐ xǐhuan hē jú huā ? , wo3 xihuan3 !
Ni3 jue2 de ne ?....zhěng tiān duìzhe diànnǎo, fúshè hěn shāng yǎn ma? /, it's harmful to our eyes if we stare at the computer all day long. It's worth learn Chinese from You !! all of you :)
Ni3 zai4 nar3 ?....Bei3jing1 ?
Wo3 xiang3 ni3 lao3shi1  :)
Today's lesson.....Numbers....Again !!!
There is so much to learn about numbers, right...gald we have a chance to improve and broaden our understanding of this daily, useful topic we encounter so often. 
 Zuòde hǎo!
I learned alot this morning from the video...3Q
Ellie..Ní de wèntí, Orlando you3 liang3 bai3 wan4 ren2. 200,000 people 
It's very useful to learn to communicate big numbers and how we can express our thoughts related to populations etc. Cool ! but as always...
this video from Dongyu Offical went so much further :)
I am glad you mentioned, again ...yes again the rule for using "ling" if you encounter two or more zero's in a row vs the zero's are not next to each other. If I don't practice using big numbers I forget...great reminder wihin the video lesson.
It's fun to say big numbers in Chinese..aren't we silly students :)
Show off ! Yes..we can now !!!
Then there is this great explanation of...the unspecific use of wan4 in the phrase wan4sui4 and wan4 ren2 mi2. 
Very cool stuff...only  Huángdì/ Emperor Zhende1 ma? Tian1 A !!
I don't have to be an Huángdì to know what I am talking about...thanks to this video lesson. I can say cheer to my fav team or singer, dancer...or Teacher :) !!!
Wan4sui4 Ellie Lao3shi1 Yea !!!
I am going to use that next weekend at our show....3Q Just in time to make me sound like I really know Chinese. 3Q
Wan4 ren2 mi1 never heard that before...Gosh Lao3shi1 always a chance to learn something new and useful.
Hmmm, Wan4ren2mi2 (new word ) and Ellie ??? Oh yea...she is a heartbreaker ! 
What a well balanced lesson with so  much to understand  and know. We will all sound like we are really from Xi'an . Great..
Xiu2 er2 shi2 xi2 zhi1 bu2 yi4 yue4 hu4?
3Q Team dongyu Offical and lao3shi1
January 10, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Taibangle
你好!Nǐ hǎo taibangle1! There is one slight mistake, you should say 你喜欢喝菊花茶Nǐ xǐhuan hē júhuāchá. I am glad to see that you like this video and really learn something about numbers in Chinese, as well as some words with 万wàn in them. Do you know some other words of this kind?
January 11, 2013 Reply
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