Video Lesson: Delicious or Disgusting?  (Upper Intermediate, Module 4)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 03:18
  Knowledge Point: Chinese Special Snacks: preserved egg, chicken feet... (Upper Intermediate, Module 4)
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Lots of people love Chinese food. Maybe you do too. Oh, well…let’s look at some controversies first.
andrew361 says
jermy lin nba
April 21, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to andrew361
Hi Andrew, do you mean that you want to learn something about Jeremy Lin? We have made a lesson about him, the name is "Big Bang Vocab_Can Linsanity continue?" It's in Elementary. Hope you like it! 
April 22, 2013 Reply
Taibangle says
 wish I was an 'expert " I would open a " 海鲜餐厅 Hǎixiān cāntīng in Xi'an. :) I would call it ..hmmm "Catch of the day" ! Just kidding.
Western people eat..
Here we go..Pan-crisped Halibut	

 大比目鱼 (Dà bǐmùyú) is big fav
 Halibut in clarified butter and swaddles the fish in a chicken stock sauce scented with truffles. The halibut is set atop a bed of roasted breakfast radishes, tricolor cauliflower, braised fennel, and roasted “oblique”-cut carrots. It is topped with artichoke guacamole; sliced artichoke heart; peeled, braised cherry tomato; and a fried lotus root chip.
then there is..
 熏鲑鱼 (Xūn guīyú)
 Smoked salmon. Marinated in a soy-based sauce, the fish is quickly cold-smoked over hickory to infuse flavor. Grilled to rare or medium rare, the salmon is drizzled with a Pommery aïoli and comes with shoestring potatoes and sesame sautéed spinach.
What do you think? Yummy :)
January 2, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Taibangle
These kinds of fish are all very delicious. I like them all, just like many Chinese people do. Maybe it's because in China we do not have many halibut and salmon, so the opportunities of enjoying these dishes are quite precious to me, especially in an inland city like Xi'an. BTW, do you know another word in Chinese that means "salmon"? I believe you'll soon find out.
January 3, 2013 Reply
Taibangle says
Delicious or Disgusting ! Dui2 I do Ellie !!
Chi1 le ma?
Ni3 yao4 shen2me?
Ohh, I am not sure?
Ni3 shuo1 shen2me? Fish?
Okay...sounds good , you order Ellie.
Wo3 hai2 mei2 chi1..
Zhe2 shi4 shen2me Ellie ?
Ni3 bu4 zhi1dao?
Na4 shi4 Qing1zheng1 yu2/ that is steamed fish.
Kan4..zhe4 shi4 the head, the mouth, the eyes, the fins and no...the tail !!
Ellie it's the whole, entire fish ! Zhe4 shi4 wei4shen2me?
Try's good right Taibangle1 :)
For most western people when we order fish...we see a small portion of fish, with no bones first of all, never a tail or fins. There is not a time when we would find the entire head, mouth and eyes on our plate Ellie. If we did , we would send it back :)
Actually fresh fish , steamed...the whole fish is great but visually it looks so : Well disgushting to most western people. No matter how good it smells or taste they could never get past seeing an entire fish on their table as postive. Funny huh!
What else Ellie, lets see 牛尾巴 Niú wěiba ox tail the kind you find in a soup, or BBQ sometimes. Most americans don't eat soup with a real ox tail in it. 鱿鱼 Yóuyú or 鱿鱼片
This too is at the top of most western people's list of "what not to eat " ! It has an unusal smell and is very chewy? Can we say that Ellie? Are you laughing now I hope so.
Oh, yes and  虾干 (Xiā gàn) or 虾米 dried shrimp ! Sometimes but on a plate ! Most western people would quickly find a way to get them off their food or reorder something else. The whole Shrimp shell, legs ...just baby legs and the head ! no no !
I do like most of these most of the about you ?
December 28, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Taibangle
Wow taibangle you seem to be an expert on Chinese way of cooking seafood! For me, I like all those kinds of food, and I don't quite understand why Western people don't like those. Could you share with us the kinds of Chinese food that are most popular among Wetsern people, please?
January 2, 2013 Reply
Taibangle says
   Interesting of the great things about DongyuOffical is yes,,we learn  useful vocab and continually improve our grammar which is awesome. But along the way we learn about Chinese culture from many different "food". Learning about these "special foods" which are part of 中国菜 (Zhōngguó cài)
  Chinese cuisine was a good idea to introduce us to some new vocab . To try them..well Maybe ? ! . Your video's are always full of surprise and learning at the same time.. Each one is packed with information that really help us understand Chinese culture so we can appreciate all China has to offer us as students while focusing on improving our language skills. 
So how about ...  durian - 榴莲 (Liúlián) ? Ni3 xihuan3 ma? wo3 xihuan3 :)
I heard from my friends Feng4zhao3/ chicken feet came 1st to Xiānggǎng / HK in the 1970's from Àodàlìyǎ . From there it came to the mainland in the south and from there everywhere in China :) they are good too !
December 26, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Taibangle
你好Taibangle! To answer your question, 我不太喜欢榴莲。Wǒ bú tài xǐhuan liúlián. I don't quite like durian. That kind of fruit is really delicious but with a kind of smell that I cannot stand. Some restaurants and hotels in South China and Southeast Asia may have the signs of "No Durian Brought Inside" on the doors. Besides durian and what we mentioned in this lesson, do you know other kinds of Chinese food that are delicious to someone but disgusting to some other people?
December 27, 2012 Reply
lily says
谢谢。你给我 四种中国特色的小吃。但我最不希欢臭豆腐。
Ellie, 我想听关于画画。可以吗? please correct me abiut mistakes. Thank you.
September 26, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to lily
你好lily. The sentence should be "你给我介绍了四种中国特色的小吃", and it should be “喜欢” but not "希欢". In the future we may post a video lesson about Chinese painting and calligraphy. If you have any more questions, please feel free to let me know.
September 26, 2012 Reply
mai says
May 19, 2012 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to mai
Hi may!
 Did you enjoy this video? If you have any question about this lesson, please feel free to let me know.

May 22, 2012 Reply
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