Video Lesson: Do it! (Elementary, Module 4)

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Want to soften the tone when making a demand? Don’t forget the magic “ba”.
Taibangle says
Team Dongyu Offical  Dàjiā hǎo
Wǎnshàng hǎo John lǎoshī...
Gosh John there is so much to learn about Chinese...Magic Ba ! yes, the particle word "ba" I hear that all the time ! Very good point made to remember.
Request or begging for something...hmm really good to know. In the case of Zou3 ba...where the tone could be short and light. I see from your video how that expression works well. But if your begging for something or some help saying that " won't do " ! :)
Really helpful and makes one really understand those tiny details that matter most !
So... Nǐ de wèntí " I want a coffee !" Do you soften the your request . Do you beg for your fav Wow, we can do it all from the video you made here. Great job !
Let's try..
Ellie: Bang1 wo3 dai4 ge4 zhi1shi4 han4bao3 ba :)
taibangle1: hao3 de, hai4 yao4 bie2 de ma?
Ellie:  Ka1fei1 !!!!
Taibanble1: Ellie..Tai4 wan1 le/it's late Ellie
Ellie: wo3 xiang2 he1 yi1 bei1 ka1fei1
Becky: Taibangle1...Ka1fei1 :) 88:) 88
Ellie: Liang3 bei1 kafei1...yi bei1 jia1 nai3, yi bei1 jia1 tang Got it ! don't goof up ! :)
Becky: Zou3 ba !! Hurry up !
Ellie/Becky: Jiāyóu A !!!
Taibangle1 : Teachers...wo3 ai4 ni3
Some times the simple things...will do best, make the most sense in a sentence like here..
keep up the good work
3Q  Please kindly point out anything not correct 
January 9, 2013 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to Taibangle
早上好,Taibangle! "Do you want anything else" should be "还要别的吗?(hái yào bié de ma?)." "It's too late" in Chinese we say "太晚了(tài wǎn le)." You did a good job. Let us know if you have any questions. Good day!:)
January 11, 2013 Reply
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