Video Lesson: Do you love me or not? (Intermediate, Module 2)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 02:19
  Knowledge Point: Expressing Love: "Nǐ dàodǐ àibuài wǒ" (Intermediate, Module 2)
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You have been dating with the same person for five years now, and he or she still has no plan to get married. You started to wonder: "Does he or she love me or not?"
ratnajati says
daodi means actually? what about qishi ?
May 28, 2014 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to ratnajati
Hello ratnajati, 到底(dào dǐ) means "on earth", and 其实(qí shí) means "actually". For example,
nǐ dào dǐ qù bu qù ? 
你 到  底 去 不 去 ? 
Will you go or not?

qí shí tā huì shuō zhōnɡ wén 。 
其 实  他 会  说   中    文  。 
Actually he can speak Chinese.
June 9, 2014 Reply
vincent56 says
Ni shi hen ke ai
February 24, 2012 Reply
Becky_Chinese Teacher in reply to vincent56
Hello! vincent56, did you mean, “You are very cute?” If so, the sentence should be ”你 很 可爱!Nǐ hěn kě’ài!” The sentence structure is: Subject + hěn + adjective. Try checking out this lesson:

February 24, 2012 Reply
vincent56 in reply to Becky_Chinese Teacher
Mei you,wo yao shuo he ni, ming bai ma. Yi qian gao su ni" ni shi hen ke ai" ni de
February 24, 2012 Reply
Becky_Chinese Teacher in reply to vincent56
xièxie!Keep going!
February 27, 2012 Reply
budaki56 in reply to vincent56
Ni hao!
February 24, 2012 Reply
vincent56 in reply to budaki56
Ni hao ma. Wo xi huan ni xue xi
February 24, 2012 Reply
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