Video Lesson: Dragon Boat Festival.  (Elementary, Module 6)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 05:28
  Knowledge Point: Festivals: Dragon-boat Festival (Elementary, Module 6)
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Watch Dragon Boat Races. Try tasty Zongzi. Dress children up with a perfume pouch. You should do all these on this traditional festival.
moo84 says
Hello Ellie,

I have some questions as the follows :

屈 原 had jumped down in to the sea for fighting to the dragon for saving Chinese's life and then the Chinese people want to help him, so they join to made and threw the 粽子 in to the sea for helping 屈原。

Is the above correct?  I just want to check my understanding about the story because I heard the story long time ago.

 I want to speak the above in Mandarin. Could you please translate the above story in Chinese?
June 28, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to moo84
moo84, 你好! 
屈原 was a poet who lived during the Warring States Period in ancient China. He is famous for his contributions to the poetry collection known as the Chu-ci. He didn't fight with dragon, he is a real figure. He was suiside himself by jumping into the river because his social idealism was destoried by the emperor. People were afraid of his body eaten by the fish in the river, then making zongzi to feed the fish in the river. He is a real person, a great poet. But about the reason of his suiside and the relate with the Drangon Boat Festival are not comfirmed to be true. 
June 29, 2012 Reply
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