Video Lesson: Hosting Others: Seeing guests off  (Elementary, Module 6)

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  Instructor: Becky Length: 05:11
  Knowledge Point: Hosting Others: Seeing guests off (Elementary, Module 6)
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You invited two Chinese friends for a family dinner. They liked the food you prepared and enjoyed chatting with you. Now they were about to leave. Learn how to see your guests off politely- in Chinese style!
Taibangle says
Becky Lao3shi1....Zai4 dai1 yi4huir4 ba ! / Please stay a little longer ! Bie2 zhao1ji2 zou3 /don't be in a hurry ! Becky...You3 kong4 chang2 lai2 /come frequently   :)  (no more simply zai4jian4 ) I feel so free  now...I practiced these phrases all day yesterday at work !
 可是(kěshì)有人(yǒurén)说(shuō)我(wǒ)的(de)新(xīn)发型(fàxíng)让(ràng)我(wǒ)看(kàn)起来(qǐlái)像(xiàng)男孩(nánhái)。Well, Becky I could never mistake you for a boy !!! You look wonderful...Your current hairstyle/ (xīn)发型(fàxíng) compliments your features and face very well. I have seen this similar style many times at the Shopping Malls. It is very popular..A great new look for the new year !  
January 3, 2013 Reply
Taibangle says
大家好 Dàjiā hǎo
 晚上好老师 Wǎnshàng hǎo Becky lǎoshī
Something is very different here...hmm, let's see, huh !! Becky have you been somewhere lately ?
You must have been to..Tony & Guy (汤尼英盖) no probably.. Yes I Do (椰岛造型) or maybe ?...4.X21 (X21美发沙龙) because your new look for 2013...Is Fabulous ! Wow !!
Sorry to get "sidetracked " here but you look great Becky !
Now with today's video..I have to confess I have that fatal mistake "often" . When guest leave I have said, zai4jian4. All to often I was thinking that I was being so polite...after seeing this video I crawled under the table. I am so embrassed Becky. OMG ! Now we can be the best guest ever...3Q so much.
We can learn how to be polite in the best of social circles with our Chinese guest ! 
I am going to  use this one quite often, " wo3 dei3 ni3 de wan3can1 , Wo3 dei3 zou le / thanks for the dinner I have to go.. What a helpful phrase to let others know in such an authentic way just how you felt about that great evening.. Zai4 dai1 yi4huir4 ba !  bie2 zhao1ji2 zou3 / please stay a little bit longer don't be in a  hurry...gosh with phrases like this everyone will think I am the perfect guest ! How thoughtful of you all to create this video. I really like this one too... man4 dianr3 a or man4 dianr3 kai1che1 ..everyone will think I grew up in Xi'an. :)
After today I can express those moments so well now when I need to exit the party or see our guest off...with You3 kong4 chang2 lai2 /come back frequently ! 
Dongyu Offical doesn't just teach us to speak...but you teach us how  to be very thoughtful of your surrounding in any social setting and let others know just how we feel.  Not anyone can teach us that ! 3Q Team Dongyu Offical.
During Xin1nian2 kuai4le2 and on yuan2 dan4 I was asked to be the main host representing our city at a New year's party and birthday party too. It was held at a friends home  "very big"...with so much food Becky. Everyone had three or four plates of food and the tables where filled drinks, deserts and soups of all kinds. Of course everyone was happy...talking and smiles . 
But when it came time to leave and say good bye...What did I have to say?...after such a great night my words where like ...well, so foolish I see ! Now you all have me sounding so good and polite. They can feel my warm heart and remember my words all the way on their way home. Your da best !!!       
88 :) 88 means a million 3Q

January 2, 2013 Reply
Becky_Chinese Teacher in reply to Taibangle
Thanks, Taibangle. My hairdresser is from a small Hair Salon in Xi'an. I like him. :-) 可是(kěshì)有人(yǒurén)说(shuō)我(wǒ)的(de)新(xīn)发型(fàxíng)让(ràng)我(wǒ)看(kàn)起来(qǐlái)像(xiàng)男孩(nánhái)。But someone said my new hair style made me looks like a boy...

"Thanks for the dinner" in Chinese is "谢谢(xièxie)你(nǐ)的(de)晚餐(wǎncān)." You made a small mistake in this sentence.
So what would you say when I am your guest and I am about to leave? 
January 3, 2013 Reply
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