Video Lesson: I'm going to the supermarket to buy some fruits! (Elementary, Module 2)

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  Instructor: Rachel Length: 03:21
  Knowledge Point: Sentence with Serial Verbs: subject+verb1+object1+verb2+object2 (Elementary, Module 2)
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I’m going to the supermarket to buy some fruit. I want to go to the cinema to see Titanic 3D! He came to China to play basketball! Learn to construct sentences with serial verbs in Chinese.
Peter F. says
Hi I have a question for the following sentence
Zuótiān, John hé Mary qù diànyǐngyuàn kàn sānD Titanic. 
 I personally miss the particular 'le" which indicates the past in this sentence
Is this because you use the time word "Zuótiān" which already indicates the past?
February 16, 2016 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to Peter F.
Hi Peter,
For this sentence, it is also correct to add “了(le)” in this sentence, which is “昨天John和Mary去电影院看了3D Titanic。(Zuótiān, John hé Mary qù diànyǐngyuàn kàn le sānD Titanic.)” If a sentence contains a time word, then “了” is generally unnecessary, unless required to emphasize that the action is complete.
February 22, 2016 Reply
papillon says
Wǒ míngtiān zuò gēn jīntiān zuò yíyàng. Wǒ kàn Dongyu xué Zhōngwèn.
January 23, 2013 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to papillon
Very good, papillion. Your sentence is almost right. But Dongyu is a website, so we usually say "Wǒ zǎi Dongyu xué Zhōngwén." I learn Chinese at Dongyu. Or "Wǒ kàn Dongyu de shìpín xué Zhōngwén." I learn Chinese through Dongyu's videos. "Shìpín" means video.
March 5, 2013 Reply
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