Video Lesson: I'm not trusting you anymore.  (Elementary, Module 4)

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  Instructor: Marc Length: 04:08
  Knowledge Point: “le” Indicating Change Part 2: subject+verb(+object)+”le” (Elementary, Module 4)
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Life is always changing. People find new jobs, give up old habits, and fall in and out of love. In a world where people seem to always reinvent themselves, changes are always on. This is a lesson about change.
takak says
Hi 你好吗?I make minds like not eating late anymore, not playing games anymore, not getting up late anymore、I don't see him anymore.......我不吃深夜了、我不玩游戏了,我不起床晚点了, 我不会见他了。
is this ok?
February 14, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to takak
Hi Takako! If you want to mean "I am not eating late anymore." and "I am not getting up late anymore." you could say "我不在深夜吃东西了。Wǒ bú zài shēnyè chī dōngxi le." and "我不睡懒觉了。Wǒ bú shuì lǎnjiào le." Here "深夜shēnyè" means late at night and "睡懒觉shuì lǎnjiào" means to get up late. The other two sentences you've made are right. Could you give some other examples of this usage of "了le?"
February 16, 2013 Reply
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