Video Lesson: I kind of like him (Elementary, Module 4)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 04:00
  Knowledge Point: "yǒu (yì) diǎnr"+Adjective or Verb-Degree Adverbial Phrase (Elementary, Module 4)
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You have a crush on someone. You think that special one is funny and smart, but you are a bit little nervous about telling him/her. As days pass by, you feel a little troubled. Why not just tell him/her “I kind of like you"?
khulit says
Ni hAo,wo sHi aNaliza..

im just new here,in want 2 know how 2 speak a chinese number..
December 2, 2011 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to khulit
Nǐ hǎo Analiza, you can go to see Lesson 7 and 8 in the Beginner Chinese Series 1. Those lessons cover the Chinese numbers. Hope this helps. : )
December 5, 2011 Reply
Dear Ellie, ni hao

glad to hear from you again
i am going to watch the Pinyin video course
thanks a lot

November 16, 2011 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to GILBERTO
Hi Gilberto,
I’m so happy to receive your message. The Pinyin video course will help you learn and practice your Chinese tones. Please enjoy our video lessons and feel free to ask me if you have any questions related to Chinese learning.
November 17, 2011 Reply
Ellie, ni hao

xie xie ni de xin
i have been learning Chinese through
i also learned Chinese from a Taiwane lady
in my hometown a long time ago
i find the Chinese four tones a little bit difficult
when i am speaking, not when i pronounce them
one by one
best regards,
Gilberto Oliveira
November 15, 2011 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to GILBERTO
Gilberto, Ni hao! Nice to hear from you again!
It’s nice that you can do self-study while studying Chinese. As for the Chinese tones, have you watched our Chinese Pinyin video course? This course focuses on teaching the Chinese phonetic system. It can help you learn how to speak Chinese with the correct four tones. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions during Chinese learning.
November 16, 2011 Reply
Lao shi , ni hao

I like the way you teach Chinese
Your classes are very interesting
In addition, you are very nice
wo deng ni hui xin

Gilberto Oliveira ( from Brazil )
November 15, 2011 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to GILBERTO
   Ni hao! Thanks for your message. How long have you been studying Chinese? Which lesson do you like best? Leave me a message and tell me your story of learningChinese. Also, please feel free to let me know if you have any problems while studying Chinese.
November 15, 2011 Reply
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