Video Lesson: Introduction of the four tones (Newbie, Module 1)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 07:34
  Knowledge Point: Introduction of the Four Tones (Newbie, Module 1)
Do Chinese tones drive you crazy? Calm down, let’s learn them one by one.
Alex says
Ni hoa Ellie. Ni hoa ma? Zai nar li ju " Ma1ma qi2 ma3. ma3 man4. Ma1ma ma4 ma3"?
i don`t find this sentence, but i don`t forget it :) have a nice day.
October 15, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Alex
Here comes the link for the lesson "妈妈(māma)骑(qí)马(mǎ)." ^_^
October 15, 2013 Reply
Paul Tang says
To teacher Ellie,
Thank you for your patience to teach good lesson. You have make a very good point of the tone, different tone will be different meaning. Even I know basic Mandarin, I'm still have to work on the " Tone it up " . I'm appreciate it.
July 11, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Paul Tang
Hi Paul Tang,thank you for supporting our work. As you say tones are really important in learning mandarin. Do you have some good ideas or feelings about learning the tones? If it's possible you can share with us.
August 2, 2013 Reply
Taibangle says
Dàjiā hǎo !!!
Lǎoshī zǎoshang hǎo  :)
Jīntiān shì xīngqíliù ...Where did the time go Ellie
Today is my last day...visiting Dongyu Offical site.
I glad you posted this video . Was very interesting, all the changes made are very helpful I think :)
I like the background first of all very creative and... Listening to you
explaining the different between wen4 and wen3 is a real good story to get your students attention. 
I like the addition of the blue words asking the student to pronounce the tones. It's so important right from the beginning to encourage us to join...Chinese is so much fun !
And, Yes ! a Quiz to complete this  great video .
I love all the video's here...Ellie
Chinese language is so interesting...there is so much learn Ellie. Once Taibangle1 used the word Xi Gua" (watermelon) right. Another person asked him... , Taibangle1 "Do you know what "Dong Gua" (wax melon) is?" Taibangle1 said, ""East melon," They where laughing because Taibangle1 did not  translate it as "winter melon." Ellie  melons are grown in the summer and in Chinese, "Xi Gua" (watermelon) is made up of two Chinese characters, west and melon. "Dong Gua" (wax melon) is also made up of two Chinese characters, winter and melon. But in Chinese, "winter" and "east" have the same sound.
Tones is really a fascinating subject...there is so much to learn here...I always look forward to understanding more and more
3Q Ellie :)  
January 26, 2013 Reply
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