Video Lesson: It's up to you!  (Newbie, Module 6)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 02:42
  Knowledge Point: Expressing an Indiffrent Attitude: "suíbiàn" (Newbie, Module 6)
Either way is fine with me! It’s up to you! Whatever! In Chinese, you can just say “随便 (Suíbiàn)!”
moo84 says
如果我想说 Take your time. 我应该说怎么样啊?
January 28, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to moo84
早上好,moo84! "Take your time" in Chinese, 你可以说 “别急,慢慢来(Bié jí, mànman lái).”  And about "what should I say," if you say "我应该怎么(样)说(wǒ yīnggāi zěnme yàng shuō)," it'll be better. :) So when you don't care about what's going on with something or someone, 你会说什么呢?(nǐ huì shuō shénme ne?/ what would you say?)  :) Good day!
January 31, 2013 Reply
bashodasahn says
i think, you upload ur video. because this video about meishir :) but video name is suibian:)
November 25, 2012 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to bashodasahn
Thanks so much for giving us the heads-up. We’ve uploaded the correct video. Hope you enjoy it. 
After this lesson, please tell me how you use the Chinese word “Suíbiàn?”
November 26, 2012 Reply
bashodasahn in reply to Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher)
hao de. mei wenti.:) 
November 26, 2012 Reply
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