Video Lesson: Making an apology  (Newbie, Module 1)

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  Instructor: Becky Length: 03:02
  Knowledge Point: Making Apology: "Duìbùqǐ!" (Newbie, Module 1)
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Making an apology is an effective lubricant in social interactions. It is not surprising that there are many ways to say “sorry” in Chinese. Knowing the appropriate ways to express yourself under various circumstances will not only help placate those around you, but also give you the upper hand in building relationships.
fabian says
The lesson was great! But I have a problem with the vocabulary exercices. One of the vocabulary exercices does not appear, so I cannot complete the exercice section. I tried in several web browsers on different computers, but I still have the same problem :(
January 13, 2014 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to fabian
Hi Fabian,
Thank you for letting us know.
We’ve fixed the problem. Please check it out and feel free to let me know if it still doesn’t work.
January 13, 2014 Reply
fabian in reply to Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher)
Thanks for your effort, but I still have that problem. The last exercise from the vocabulary section is not displayed :(
January 14, 2014 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to fabian
Hi Fabian,

Now you should be able to complete the vocabulary exercises. Please check it out again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
January 15, 2014 Reply
fabian in reply to Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher)
Thank you again. After you fixed it showed me the next vocab question, but after that the next question was not displayed again :( Sorry to always bother you with this... Duibuqi...
January 23, 2014 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to fabian
Hi Fabian,
No problem. Please feel free to let me if you have any questions or need any help.
I checked it and it seems to work on our side. 
Could you please clear your browser’s cookies, history and cache and then login again?
Please let me know whether it works or not.
January 23, 2014 Reply
ironleopard78 says
These videos are great. Funny to :)
January 6, 2012 Reply
Girl9987 says
wow Miss Becky your lesson was amazing!
January 3, 2012 Reply
Becky_Chinese Teacher in reply to Girl9987
Xièxie Girl19987 :)
January 6, 2012 Reply
kelly4 says
我爱 "Day Day Up" 老师 Becky and Ellie 真棒!
December 12, 2011 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to kelly4
谢谢你!By the way in Chinese, we usually say Becky老师和Ellie老师.  :-)
December 14, 2011 Reply
kelly4 says
I love Day Day Up. Teachers Becky and Ellie are awesome!
December 12, 2011 Reply
Becky_Chinese Teacher in reply to kelly4
谢谢! I am so happy that you like the videos. :) 你也很棒!
December 14, 2011 Reply
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