Video Lesson: My treat! (Elementary, Module 5)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 05:57
  Knowledge Point: Inviting Someone for Dinner: "Jīntiān wǒ qǐngkè." (Elementary, Module 5)
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Chinese people are big on treating people to dinner. It is common for Chinese to go to dinner or lunch together and vie to be the one to pay the bill. This lesson helps you understand this aspect of Chinese culture.
takak says
Hi Ellie
tonight is 晚上 or  今晚?
Are they different?
I feel fun to learn Chinese.
I think 随便 is a nice word.
去不去都随便。我们随便谈话把! 你随便吃。

March 15, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to takak
Hi, takak! 我很好,好久不见,你好吗?"晚上你请我喝什么?(Wǎnshang nǐ qǐng wǒ hē shénme?)" :) (Joking.)  "Tonight" in Chinese is "今天晚上," whose short form is "今晚." "晚上" means evening or night.  Yeah, "随便" is a nice word, but there are still some people who don't like this word. :) And for the sentence "我们随便谈话吧," it'll be better if you say "我们随便谈谈吧." :) Right, we have a lesson about "随便,"  have you seen it? The name is "It's up to you!" Let me know what you think about it. Good day!
March 15, 2013 Reply
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