Video Lesson: That’s Chinese Kungfu! (Part II) (Elementary, Module 6)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 05:03
  Knowledge Point: Fitness Programs Part 2: chi-gong, wushu and tai-chi (Elementary, Module 6)
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Chi gong, Wushu, Tai-chi…
Taibangle says
Wow..What a popular topic to introduce your students to new vocabulary. This episode really clears up the distinction between qi1gong2 , wu3shu4 he2 tai4ji2quan2. Your comments made it perfectly clear how each kind of fitness programs are related yet different. When we speak to our chinese friends we can sound like real "fitness experts". I was really intrigued by the saying you presented here " da3 tai4ji2 ". It's very interesting how fitness terminology finds it's way into daily conversations. I would never have guessed correctly what  " da3 tai4ji3 meant in a conversation had it not been for this video. Authentic at every turn. I love this kind of chance to learn to speak from this perspective. 
What else? The costumes related to the 3 fitness programs was colorful and helpful. The presenter's movements looked polished, natural and very real. Using the sword was another great idea. Everyone wants to be an action star from the mainland at somepoint :)
When you said, " ming2tian1 kai1shi3 he2 wo3 lian4 wu3shu4 zen3meyang4? Wo3 jiao1 ni? I thought Wow, where do we sign up at ! We want to move like you !!! and be in great shape too.    
December 27, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Taibangle
Thanks for your praise, taibangle. And welcome to our website! I hope you can enjoy the lessons here. Have you tried any of the fitness programs in this lesson? :)
December 27, 2012 Reply
Taibangle in reply to Ellie_Chinese teacher
大家好 !!!
Ellie 早安 
Zui4jin4 hao3 ma?
Jin1tian1 zao3shang4 qi3 wang3 le/ I got up late this morning :)
This video episode was " Zhen1bang4 "
I did spend some time with qi4gong1, wu3shu4 he2 tai4jiquan2 :)
For about  14 Nián I studied wu3shu4. I also graduated from the Chinese National Qi4gong1 school and I specialized in the study of tai4jiquan2. My fav weapon was the..太极剑 Tàijí jiàn. I practiced with the 太极剑 for I think 10 nian2. I wrote some articles for magazines for a brief period related to this popular topic. I did...let's see if I can remember .. for maybe, 6 nian2 teach students and instructors too. From 1998 on I specialized in the study of qi4gong1 and spoke at different conferences in  瑞士,加拿大和美国  on this topic. Early in 1999 some of these speechs where translated into Chinese and put into a book...:) funny, huh ! Wish I could speak Chinese then. A video accompanied the book along with many others whom shared their experiences and stories. It was distributed on the Mainland until maybe late 1999 early 2000. 
Well, it was all just 爱好 (Àihào/ a it correct ? I wasn't so good. I had good teachers I was just a poor  student.
Now Classical Chinese dance is my interest...kinda of, you could say !
The top of my list is learning from all of you now !!!
Ni3 tai4 gei3li A !
Jiāyóu  !!!!
88 3Q 88  means "a million thanks"

December 27, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Taibangle
Wow, you're awesome, taibangle! You really know many things about China. If you have any suggestions about our lessons or the topics you want to learn, please let us know.
January 2, 2013 Reply
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