Video Lesson: This is my best friend! (Newbie, Module 1)

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  Instructor: Becky Length: 02:23
  Knowledge Point: Introduction Part 2: introducing others (Newbie, Module 1)
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Ready to introduce your significant other to your Chinese friends? Let’s learn the basics.
takak says
Hi Becky
This is my friend Loretta. 这是Loretta.
She is a school teacher. 他是老师。
She knows I study Chinese.她知道我学汉语
She is interested too. 她想学汉语。

Is this ok?
March 31, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to takak
The sentences you made are very good. But the last sentence "She is interested too. 她想学汉语."  We should say  "她也想学汉语." “Too” means 也。We have lessons about it, you can see and learn. Here is link
April 5, 2012 Reply
takak in reply to Ellie_Chinese teacher
April 5, 2012 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to takak
不客气。(Bú kèqi.) You are welcome.
April 6, 2012 Reply
Ashin Revata says
Well give download good well for learner because of not given download for learner meet difficult if they get download they learn easy so can you give download Please?
February 28, 2012 Reply
Helen Zhang (Chinese Teacher) in reply to Ashin Revata
Hi Ashin Revata,
Ni hao! All the audios including Lesson MP3, Lesson Text MP3 and Translation Exercises MP3 are ready for you to download. The videos can only be viewed while on the site. You can enjoy watching them as long as you have access to the internet. If you have any questions, just feel free to let me know.
February 29, 2012 Reply
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