Video Lesson: Wait a moment! (Elementary, Module 4)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 03:43
  Knowledge Point: Please wait: "Qǐng shāoděng." (Elementary, Module 4)
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In this fast moving world, people are always busy. And sometimes you just have to wait.
Taibangle says
 现在你能看视频了吗?(Xiànzài nǐ néng kàn shìpín le ma? Dui2, xina4zai4 wo3 nent2 kan shipin2 / yes, I can watch the video now...3Q Lao3shi1 :)
Wo3 xihuan3 su4rong2 re4 ke3ke3 ...I like it made with  Kěkě cóng wěinèiruìlā !!! Wèishéme? It's is a Hēi qiǎokèlì /dark chocolate and not so sweet ! :) But hot is important on cold days , Well, nothing like Xi'an...we think 45 degress is Winter Time weather :)
3Q all of you for this wonderful holiday surprise...
When I first visted this mouth droped open ! I said, all have worked  so very hard !

January 2, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Taibangle
You like it with 委内瑞拉的可可(wěi nèi ruì lā de kěkě), right?  Hahah, 谢谢!  Hope that you enjoy the holiday too! We're trying to be better and better, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know! Have a good day! :)
January 3, 2013 Reply
Taibangle says
I checked the weather report for Xi'an looks cold Team Dongyu Offical so here's a tip:  :)
Instant Hot Cocoa
Ingredients 原料:
       (  2  杯 砂糖)
      (  1  杯 可可粉)
k       (  2½ 杯 奶粉)
      (  1 匙 盐)
     (  2  匙 玉米淀粉)
Directions 步骤:
当你要制作的时候,只需要在杯中加入1/3 – 1/2的粉,然后将沸水加满杯子,请一边加水一边搅拌,以避免结块。

Happy Holiday....:)
December 31, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to Taibangle
Hi, Taibangle! Thanks for your recipe! 现在你能看视频了吗?(Xiànzài nǐ néng kàn shìpín le ma?/Can you watch the video now?) 你很喜欢速溶热可可,是吗?(Nǐ hěn xǐhuan sùróng rè kěkě, shì ma?) 新年快乐!(Xīn nián kuàilè!)
January 2, 2013 Reply
Taibangle says
Ni3 hao3 Team Dongyu Offical...hmmm
The video's won't load up for me to watch...did I forget something ?
Worked fine for the first four days...any idea's :)
December 31, 2012 Reply
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