Video Lesson: What time is it?  (Newbie, Module 4)

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  Instructor: Becky Length: 03:00
  Knowledge Point: Asking for Time: asking for specific hour or date (Newbie, Module 4)
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What time is it? What's the date today? Learn how to ask for the time and date in this lesson!
amanda says
Where can I learn numbers?  The conversations are too fast, I can't follow the numbers and the time/date...
January 28, 2013 Reply
Becky_Chinese Teacher in reply to amanda
Hi Amanda,
take alook at this lesson:
it's about numbers from 0-9. 
when you learn all the numbers, try practice as much as possible. 熟能生巧(shú néng shēng qiǎo), practice makes perfect:)
January 29, 2013 Reply
Douglas says
Xianzai  zai wo de jia shi jiu dian shangwu, san yue er san.

Doug Wardell
March 23, 2012 Reply
Becky_Chinese Teacher in reply to Douglas
Xiànzài zài wǒ de jiā shì sān yuè èrshísān hào, shàngwǔ jiǔ diǎn。
March 27, 2012 Reply
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