Video Lesson: You should watch this!  (Elementary, Module 4)

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  Instructor: Ellie Length: 03:50
  Knowledge Point: "yào": expressing should do something (Elementary, Module 4)
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You should wash your hands before eating. You should rest more when you are sick. You should practice a new skill. Got it? You should watch this.
moo84 says
“需要“和 “要“ 它们是一样吗? 我应该更好用什么字呢?
January 9, 2013 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to moo84
“要” means "should" in this lesson. 在这课里,它和 “需要”不一样。
For example, 
你要多休息。You should rest more.
你需要多休息。You need to rest more.
January 9, 2013 Reply
rakinkuolie says
What is the difference between You and Neng
December 28, 2012 Reply
Ellie_Chinese teacher in reply to rakinkuolie
Hi rakinkuolie,
有(yǒu) means to have. For example, "我(wǒ)有(yǒu)一(yì)本(běn)书(shū)." I have a book.
能(néng) means can or be able to. For example,"你(nǐ)能(néng)给(gěi)我(wǒ)那(nà)本(běn)书(shū)吗(ma)?" Can you give me that book?
Let me know if you have any other problem about them. :-)
December 29, 2012 Reply
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