hello everybody. i have learned english from the internet only. so i decided to learn chinese by this way as well. but it seems i can't get anything without paying money. i saw teacher Becky on youtube. i think she is the happiest teacher in the universe. she makes me smile whenever i watch any of her video anyway finally i found this site and faced with the same pay2learn thing. i think poor people shouldn't even take one more unnecessary breath. can anyone share their videos with me? i am ready to learn anything with teacher Becky. i hope she will keep teaching chinese until i can get a credit card. thanks..
Posted by deoxify March 30, 2016
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Peter F. says
Dear Deoxify
So, in your opinion, Becky and all the other teacher's should work for free?? They don't need to get a salary to pay for food, and other necessities of life??
I believe you are still a student,  when you start working will be for no salary?
Think about it
The fees are very reasonable I even think cheap for what you get

April 11, 2016 Reply
Ellie@eChineseLearning says
Hi Deoxify,

All exercises (including video exercises) are FREE. You can check them out by clicking:

Hope it helps. :D
April 11, 2016 Reply
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