It doesn’t matter what culture you belong to, when it comes to beauty, or outward appearance vs. inward worth. It is easy to get carried away by the surface of things. ...
Where traditional meets modern, that is where you will find the tiny “少林英雄 (Shàolín yīngxióng) Shaolin Heroes.” It’s a reality TV program, that airs on Chinese TV and features an all child cast while giving a behind the scenes peek into life as a Shaolin monk in training. ...
Chinese is a difficult language to learn since it requires lots of time. However, any language can be learned faster if you use some efficient study methods from the beginning. This article provides methods of learning Chinese including. For instance, you can set up a detailed study plan, try to immerse yourself in Chinese language atmosphere and get help from teachers. These tips will improve efficiency in your Chinese learning... ...
Please fill in the blanks with correct Chinese characters according to the corresponding Pinyin... ...
Many of my students are worried about one primary thing when coming to visit China: Transportation. It can be an overwhelming thing to plan out when you are a beginner Chinese student, intermediate, or even advanced. Why? Because not only do you need to know how to read the characters to identify the right transportation, but you also must have some speaking ...
This Mandarin Chinese Slang word is one you have to know! Why? Because we often use it in daily life, whether we’re talking with friends or family. It’s popular and if you want to keep up with the evolving meanings as each year passes, you have ...

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