Knowledge Point Tested: Expressing an Indiffrent Attitude: "Guǎn tā ne!" (Upper Intermediate, Module 3)
Sentence Exercises
Sentence Exercise
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管他呢。Guǎntāne.管他呢。Who cares.http://www.dongyu.com/upload/dongyu3files/DDU-Seriously-who-cares-UIM3/key-sentence/1.mp3
  Who cares.
爱怎么着怎么着。Àizěnmezhāozěnmezhāo.愛怎麽著怎麽著。Take it as it is.http://www.dongyu.com/upload/dongyu3files/DDU-Seriously-who-cares-UIM3/key-sentence/2.mp3
  Take it as it is.
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You may have seen people who are either carefree or holding an indifferent attitude to almost everything. In this lesson, we will learn two authentic expressions regarding such characteristics.
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