Knowledge Point Tested: Sentence with Adjective as Predicate Part2: subject+"bù"+object (Newbie, Module 1)
Vocab Exercises
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nán adj. difficult
zhīzhū n. spider
pàng Adjective fat
kě'ài Adjective cute, lovely
Zhōngwén Noun Chinese
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Mandarin is a difficult language. Or is it?
Taibangle says
Becky........Hello :)
My login works I am so happy !!!!
Ai1 yo1....ni3 shuo1 de na4me hao3 , wo3 shuo1 de "bu4" hao3 :)   Oh Wow...you speak so well, I speak poorly. 
Which animal....OH I don't know...let's see there is Shu3 zi, niu2, hu3, tu4, long2, and she2  then there is horse...opps I mean...ma3, yang2 , hou2 ji1, gou3 and finally zhu1. So Becky I think that "ji1 is not...cute :) good to see you...again ! Everyone , all of you put a big smile on my face
June 28, 2013 Reply
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